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Miss T at 2 and a half (30 months) and at 31 months

I'm a bit behind on Miss T's monthly updates and having Internet connection problems recently hasn't helped! I like to use this blog to keep a record of her milestones and a few of the cute and lovely things she says and does. As well as pics of her too.

In October she turned two and a half. Here's some of the things I want to remember about her at this age:

Whenever she hears the radio on in the car, she thinks it's daddy on there and says 'daddy talking' or 'daddy singing' (regardless of it is a male or female voice on the radio!)

When we went conker collecting, Miss T had the funniest way of saying conkers. She called them 'bonk-does' (the 'does' bit to sound like 'toes' and not the word 'does'.)

She knows all the lyrics of 'What does the fox say' off by heart and will often sing it to herself. She gets a bit camera shy every time we try to catch it on film. 

You may remember from last year that the boys love Dick and Dom. Well Dick and Dom (and Miss T 's brothers) have a lot of explaining to do as Miss T has started to shout out 'bogies' at the top of her voice in the most inappropriate of places...restaurants, on the train and basically whenever she shouldn't really. 

Another thing she must have picked up from her brothers is the words 'hate you'. She is generally very polite, completely adorable and a real pleasure to be around. but When she didn't get her own way one day, we heard her mutter under her breath 'hate you daddy'. Thankfully it seemed to have been a one off. 

She's also been saying 'dishes' (her word for delicious) which is really very cute.

With her big brothers being into loombands, I heard her describe a fish tail as a tail fish. 

Another very funny thing she said when she found a blunt pencil was 'that run out of battery'.

In November, she is now 31 months and here are some of the things she has been doing more recently:

In the last few days her drawings have started to have eyes, nose and mouth on them. She's long loved doing 'pen paper' as she calls it (drawing to everyone else) but it is amazing to be able to see specific things she is attempting to draw now. 
can you see the eyes, nose, mouth and tummy in Miss T's picture?

She calls a pomegranate a 'pomi-rabbit' and she likes them. 

When a text pings through on the phone, she calls out 'email mummy!' 

We made some meringues the other day. She liked them so much that she called them 'more-rangs' - to indicate she wanted more meringues. It seems to be another one of her combined words like 'more berries' (more strawberries) and 'grandog' (granny and grandads dog) that she came up with earlier in the year. 

She's done brilliantly with her potty training. She began a few days before we went to our Nintendo day in October, and she got the hang of it very quickly. 

She still loves to cook and still loves doctor who. I must emphasise that we don't let her watch doctor who - she just knows of doctor who from our time in Cardiff and from her brothers (who also don't watch it generally except for the episodes that we check first to be not so scary). 

Her word for 'something' sounds very similar to 'bum thing' and if she isn't happy with the variety of options available to her she will often ask for 'bum thing else' eg for lunch. 

She loves her snacks - especially 9bars! We have to carry a supply of those everywhere for her as a 'nack'. 

She uses the word 'also' a lot which she has picked up from J. 

Despite my previous worries about her speech, her speech is amazing now and she can make herself understood. If we can't figure out what she's saying, she will lead us and say 'show you' and take us to the thing she is talking about. 

She loves watching cbeebies which she calls 'mine' (meaning 'my') channel. But she finds it too 'scary' to turn the telly on herself because of 'peoples' (i.e the people on the telly). 

She's looking forward to Christmas and whenever she sees a pic of Santa she will say 'love Christmas'. She's asked for a 'princess crown' for Christmas. 

There's probably lots more I've missed but it'll have to wait until next months update.

I'm going to try to track down the Wot so funee linky to link up with because I think the pencil running out of battery and the Dick and Dom bogies are hilarious.

Wot So Funee?


  1. Oh bless her, she sounds and looks adorable! I love the pencil running out of batteries, that is classic toddler logic isn't it? I know the Dick and Dom effect only too well, my youngest son went through the Bogies phase too and usually in crowded public places! Thank you so much for linking up such a lovely post.

    1. thanks nikki. Yes I think Dick and Dom have a lot of explaining to do (although I secretly do think it is quite funny). x

  2. What a lovely post. I used to teach secondary and have a few issues with Dick and Dom myself!

    1. in our day it was trevor and simon and i don't remember them being so rude. x

  3. Rebecca, Miss T is soooooo adorable.... everytime I look at her photos, it just makes me smile. It makes me think back of when my kids were that age. I hope she gets her "crown" for Christmas, she deserves to look like a princess on that day.

    1. thanks Yen. I hope she gets her crown too - I am yet to organise that! xxx


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