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Can you help find the Missing 'IF'?

image courtesy of Panmacmillan
After our amazing Movember meals experience last year from Panmacmillan, it has been a real pleasure to stay in touch with them and review a fabulous selection of books. These have ranged from thrillers and murder mystery type books like The Human Flies, The Killing and The Informant right through to the other end of the reading spectrum with adorable children's books perfect for Miss T like Bear and Hare Go Fishing, Aunt Amelia, Again! and My New Home.  

We've also been getting into the festive spirit by reviewing wintry books like Bear and Hare Snow! and Hello! Christmas

The one area that might seem lacking with our book reviews are the ones J and D used to do so keenly before. Since they've been back at school after our time of homeschooling, they still love to read as much as they ever did but they don't seem to have time to write the reviews like they used to. 

Panmacmillan have been extremely kind in sending J a big supply of books (He's pretty much read every book in his age range at our local library so I've really appreciated the books they sent) but he's been very reluctant to read and review them. Perhaps its because I made the mistake of telling him that he MUST review them, whereas reading has always been for fun in our house and not something that ought to be done. 

So I think I'll need to tell him that he can read them and only review them if he particuarly wants to. Hopefully that will get him reading those particular books that he's been sent. 

However, he could not resist reading one of the books that he was sent from Panmacmillan as the cover really caught his eye reminding him of the Wimpy Kid / Tom Gates style books that he loves so much. It was Moone Boy: The Blunder Years by Chris O'Dowd (of 'The IT Crowd' fame) and screenwriter Nick V. Murphy. 

He still didn't review it although I know he did enjoy the book. It looks like such a fun book that I have to admit I'd quite like to read it too! 

From what I do know of the book, it heavily involves an Imaginary Friend, known as 'IF' for short. And Panmacmillan have come up with a genius competition idea:

Sadly 'IF' has gone missing and they need to find him by Christmas. He was last seen in a bookshop when Chris and Nick were busy signing copies of MooneBoy: The Blunder Years. They turned their backs for just a second, and then he was GONE…

If you have any information regarding the Missing IF, please contact the Twitter helpline immediately. You can send any details or pictures of sightings to #IFhelpline at @MacmillanKidsUK. Or find out more information by watching Chris and Nick’s appeal video here.

Panmacmillan are offering a reward for whoever spots him in the strangest place. Please help spread the word by tweeting or posting this link: http://panmacmillan.com/missingimaginaryfriend

This ends on 7th December 2014. 

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