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Staying at Quebecs in Leeds

Gosh I can't believe it is now November and I still haven't finished getting our summer holiday road trip posts up. Life has just been so busy lately with lots of exciting stuff...helicopter ride last Saturday, meeting Mary Berry the week before and up in London for a cookery course and Nintendo excitement the week before that also. Anyway, here's day 11 of our summer road trip...

The trip from Liverpool to Leeds was fairly straight forward and pretty speedy too getting us to Leeds far earlier than expected.

We managed to get one of the few parking spaces available at the hotel. They charge for parking because it is in a city centre location but at least it makes it far easier for bringing our luggage in.

However much we seem to have tried to travel light, we still have tons of luggage which I guess goes hand in hand with having three kids in tow, one of whom needs lots of changes of clothes, nappies, wipes and her travel cot.

As regular readers will know, I am taking part in a GOPO rosehip supplement trial to see if it helps my arthritis. Rather foolishly I had miscounted the number of pills I brought with me and so they ran out yesterday. As we've been staying in some pretty varied and at times very rural locations, I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to find a pharmacy to buy some more. Thankfully, as part of the trial, they very kindly agreed to send a pack of GOPO ahead to Quebecs hotel in Leeds where we are staying. And sure enough my GOPO tablets were here waiting for us so I could breathe a sigh of relief as I have been relying on them to keep my back pain away.

Quebecs hotel is stunning. It is an old building with a lot of history and some beautiful features including some stunning stained glass and carved lions on the stairwell.

The rooms can best be described as opulent, elegant and luxurious. Very similar in style to the rooms in Unicorn at Portmerion. Perhaps a little more modern in style. They were exceptionally clean too.

We have been allocated one double room on the second floor, and one directly above it on the third floor. It seems that we will have to split up and share each room with each child and as Daddy had asked for a lie in, Miss T will be in with me and D.

I tested the beds for firmness and the one on the second floor seems slightly firmer so I've gone for that room as it should be better for my back.

I'm impressed that the hotel reception is 24 hour with room service food being available 24hours a day. We all jumped for joy at discovering that there is also complimentary wifi here. Many of the places we stayed in had wifi available (some complimentary, some charged for) but even then it seemed to be a struggle to access it. Here it seems to be working, albeit intermittently.

We spent today visiting the Leeds City Museum. The most time was spent in the basement floor which was a 'natural history' type display. Really educational, interesting and fun for the kids.

Then we grabbed a bite to eat in the Cafe on the Corner within the museum. We used the free wifi there to catch up on emails and get back onto Instagram which I have been loving recently.

The food was fabulous with a great range of wraps, flatbreads and paninis with some unusual (but very tasty) fillings. By unusual, I mean unusual for what you'd expect at a museum cafe, but nothing too weird. For example D had a lemon chicken, sundried tomato and spinach wrap. Tasty!

Some awesome cakes and scones available there too. I'm thinking it might just be our preferred place for lunch tomorrow.

There are loads of places to eat and we are within very easy reach of the main shopping area here. The boys commented that it is like London here and I can see exactly what they mean. Very cosmopolitan, lots of office blocks and a mix of modern and old architecture.

Whereas in Liverpool, we were very much in the tourist centre of things, here it definitely feels more like a city centre as in how things feel in the city part of London.

We are just spending a bit of time relaxing in our rooms as we are all feeling a bit run down today with our colds.
We found a gold olympic post box in Leeds

We loved the Trinity name running through so many places in Leeds. Here's our Trinity posing by her name.

There was this seating area at Quebecs which we found handy for relaxing in once we put the kids to bed. 

Miss T took a shine to the Leeds tourist guide in our rooms
Written up on Friday 29th August 2014 in Leeds. This stay was day 11 of our Laterooms.com #52Sleeps roadtrip. Find out more here.


  1. Wow what a lovely time! I love that you guys have been soo much - making lots of memories for your little ones :)

    1. thanks Rachael. Memories for them and for us too. x


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