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GIVEAWAY and Review: The First Hippo On The Moon

When we found out there was a new David Walliams book out, we got very excited. My 10 year old son is a HUGE fan of David Walliams' books having read Ratburger, Gangsta Granny, Mr Stink, The Boy in the Dress, Demon Dentist, and Billionaire Boy.

He LOVES David Walliams books.

So when we heard that we were going to review the new book by David Walliams called The First Hippo on the Moon, I got very excited as I thought J would be really really keen to review it.

But I was in for a surprise. When it arrived, it wasn't what I expected. It wasn't the usual shape and size of the other David Walliam's books that we own. No this was a big hardback picture book.

So I've got a confession to make...I didn't give it to J to review. Nope. I decided it was perfect for Miss T. And Miss T got to read it instead.

I read it to her and she read it to bear...

and I hope you can see from the expression on her face just how much she enjoyed it...

Miss T dreams of being an astronaut and she always tells us about how she wants to fly to the moon and jump on the moon. So she LOVED this book!
It is the tale of two hippos who both want to be the first hippo on the moon just as the title suggests. But who will get there first. I really don't want to give the storyline away but it is the ultimate feelgood story about someone who dares to dream big.

And that is a pretty great rule to live life by, to 'dream big everyone' as a certain hippo would say.

If you know someone who might get just as excited as we did about this book, then here's a chance to win one of your own. Just enter using the rafflecopter widget below. Entries will be checked.

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You can buy copies of The First Hippo on the Moon here.

Thank you to Harper Collins for sending us such a great book to review and for providing a second copy for the giveaway. 

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  1. Awww this is on Bugs christmas list so we would love to win - gorgeous photos!!! xx

    1. Will keep my fingers crossed for you - Good luck! x

  2. Ah cute! I have still not read any of his books but this one looks a little young for my two now. Shame cos it looks fun.

  3. I love the look of this book. And so funny that your daughter is wearing her medal while reading. Just like mine - always wants to wear one.

  4. My Jj enjoys the older books too but this looks perfect for the girls. I had no idea, thanks for emlightening me. Mich x

  5. Aww Bless Miss T, looks like she's enjoying her book.


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