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Xmas Party Outfit Blogger Challenge

When Becky spotted this blogger challenge from Fashion Vouchers and started to dream up her Christmas party outfit, I pointed out that there is actually one member of the family who always seems to get overlooked when it comes to clothes - whether it is packing clothes for holidays (when my PJ's got left behind) or when it comes to buying clothes (when I'm last on the shopping list) - I just never get the chance to get a new outfit.

So I decided that this time, I would take up this blogger challenge. Luckily Fashion Vouchers have plenty of stores that sell mens clothing, but to be certain that a certain someone wouldn't go and buy a new party dress for themselves in the unlikely even that I win, I have chosen TheMenswearSite.com to pick out my perfect Christmas party outfit (sorry Becky - no party dresses in sight here).

To keep within the £100 budget, I picked out some sale bargains and although the total would have come to £102.99 because of the offer I spotted on Fashion Vouchers to get 5% off your first order, the total comes in just under £100 at £97.85. That's pretty good considering I managed to find some trousers, a great party shirt, some new underwear and even shoes!

I did so well with making sure I came in under budget that there was even enough money in my imaginary budget to also buy myself a Christmas gift. I knew you were wondering why that pocket knife was on there. It is actually because my kids are homeschooled, I want to be able to take them out and do 'forest school' style activities with them like den building, making staffs, learning to build fires safely and so on. So this would be the perfect accessory for that. So it isn't technically part of the outfit but as I made such great savings on everything else, I had enough to have it as a Christmas present for myself and so I've included it here.

So here's a breakdown of that £97.85 total:
Joji Harris Pinstripe Trousers Reduced to £9.99 - what a bargain and they look really smart!
Humor Dul Shirt  £18 Everyone needs a great party shirt.
Base London Cox Shoes £35 I didn't think I'd find a pair of shoes and still be within budget but I did and they look good too.
Ted Baker Calisto Boxers and Socks £25 Always nice to have some new undies.
Victorinox Classic SD Knife £15 My Christmas present for me to help with homeschooling the kids (Forest school activities).

So there you have it, the perfect Christmas party outfit from a men's perspective.
More details on Fashion Vouchers' Xmas party outfit blogger challenge can be found here.

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