> The Beesley Buzz: Getting outdoors in Winter to find the biggest Christmas Tree

Getting outdoors in Winter to find the biggest Christmas Tree

I can't believe that I have only just spotted this fantastic Festive Families Photography Competition over at Thinly Spread in conjunction with Organic Milk Suppliers Cooperative. The blog hop closes tomorrow but as I have just been blogging about how much I felt better by getting outdoors this week - I really felt I wanted to join in. It is so important not to stay cooped up indoors just because of the cold weather. All of us really did feel so much better for having spent the afternoon out of the house - and we had such fun.

I have struggled to pick one photo from the day as I posted a few of my favourites in my R2BC blog post earlier, but as the theme is a 'Festive Families' one it had to be this photo in the end...

Ok so it is probably not the best photo per se that you have ever seen but having put their own artificial Christmas tree up indoors just a few days before, the boys saw these huge trees and went running over to find which was the biggest Christmas tree they could find outdoors that day.

They had so much fun running around and inbetween the trees and calling out to each other when they found one that was taller. In the end, this was the one that they both settled on as their favourite. Obviously it was just for fun and they knew the tree was destined to remain in the forest - but it was great fun nonetheless and got them running around and enjoying the fresh air.

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