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AskHerFriends: The Verdict

A while ago, you may remember that Richard (Daddy) was on a secret mission to find me (Mummy) a present without me knowing what it was and with a little help from AskHerFriends and erm...well my friends.

Well my gift arrived and I have to say that I am indeed very pleased. I just want to say a big thank you to my friends who gave their advice / input via the AskHerFriends website. They would have seen a list of options like this...

Ideas map from Ask Her Friends

 ...and rated each option depending on how much they thought I would like it. There was also the opportunity for my friends to add comments if they wished to.

Richard tells me that some of the gorgeous chocolate gift ideas scored highly, but knowing that I was trying to lose a bit of the baby weight that I still (8 months on!!!) haven't managed to shift, he decided to go with something different.

He chose the perfume that my friends had ranked most highly and having been stuck in a perfume rut for the last 13 years - I have to say that it was a most welcome gift.

Now these might not sound mega-adventurous, but trust me, they have lots of amazing gift ideas on the website and a fantastic Idea Map tool to help you get started if you are really stuck on where to start.

I also want to say thank you to AskHerFriends for providing the gift as part of this review. We think the site is a brilliant idea and found it easy and straightforward to use. It would also make a great tool for anyone planning a big birthday milestone where people might be clubbing together to get a joint present - this way they can all have their input into the final choice of present.

Customer service from AskHerFriends was second to none with speedy email support if needed and the gift arrived promptly too.

So next time you are really stuck on gift ideas of what to get, why don't you AskHerFriends?

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