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Wot so funee - a true story about mum's cooking!

Wot So Funee?

Seeing this post about COOK on Domestic Disgrace the other day reminded me of something that my son did few years ago... at the time I had written a poem for COOK about the incident and it was even one of the runners-up in the Poetry Day competition they held that year. I thought it would be a good one for Actually Mummy's Wot so funee linky. Sorry for the tiny font - I couldn't figure out how to get it bigger!

Our Family’s Food Fiasco - a true story
by Rebecca Beesley

This is the true tale of the Beef Bourguignon saga,
A story to remember for ever after,
Notice there is no ‘happily’,
The reason why, you’ll come to see.

Beef Bourguignon from COOK - a popular choice
For my husband and my two boys.
Always gobbled quickly up,
Beef Bourguignon bought from the COOK shop.

One day, as a special treat,
Off to the butchers to buy some meat.
About time I did my motherly duty...
(Little did I know they’d nearly shoot me!)

Over the hot stove, all afternoon slaved,
At last it was finished, the meal they craved.
All four of us at the table - hubby, boys, and me,
All looking forward to our tasty tea.

Mum (that’s me), feeling rather tired,
But ‘worth it’ I thought as my dish was admired.
The first spoonful went in, then a horrified look...
“Mummy, this dinner isn’t from COOK!” 
“This tastes yuk!” my six year old announces
Then out of the room he promptly flounces.

I swiftly call out, “But you like this dish.
“Not this, only from COOK!” he insists.
I put my foot down and tell him he must eat more.
That’s when his dinner is thrown on the floor!

A mother rejected, a mum in despair.
A mother ready to pull out her hair.
I couldn’t understand how it all went so wrong
Over a dish of homemade Beef Bourguignon.

So into the bin goes my recipe book,
My lesson’s been learnt... I’m off to COOK! 


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