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Book Review: The Return of the Killer Cat

The Return of the killer cat by Anne Fine

Review by Joshua aged eight

Return of the killer cat is a funny book. The cat's family go away so he has to have a cat sitter, the vicar. The cat thinks he will have a great time, but he is wrong.

He has to have his dinner from last night before he can get fresh food!

He runs away from the vicar,jumps up the lawn mower and into the tree.

The vicar runs after the cat but can't catch him, so he stood under the tree and called for him to come down

He can't get down because he is stuck up the tree!

Will he be able to have fresh food again or will it be his leftovers?
Will he ever get down from that tree?

Read to find out!!!

I give this book 10 out of 10!!!

Mum adds: Books like this where they are written in the first person have really helped Joshua with his creative writing. In this book it is written as if Tuffy the cat is speaking. Joshua will now often write stories in the first person as if it is one of the characters speaking and it makes for some really great stories.

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