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Wot so funee? Something I bet you didn't know about chocolate...

Ok I am going to try to join in this lovely linky / blog hop that is on Actually Mummy's blog. I say try because I am always struggling to get these links and things to work even though every other blogger in the universe manages it - I find these things always seem to go wrong for me!

Anyway, what I wanted to share was something Daniel said on his 'big day' of Cheffing last week which I still haven't written a blog post about but promise I will soon!).

The head chef came over and chatted with him about what he was cooking and he asked Daniel what his favourite herb was. Daniel thought for a moment and then replied..."Chocolate".

Thankfully head chef, who was brilliant saw the funny side and said that his favourite herb was chocolate too!


  1. Chocolate is also my favourite herb!

  2. I think I have to agree Chocolate is the best Leyla - @thisdayilove

    1. thanks Leila. It is turning out that Daniel was right after all - chocolate seems to be a popular choice of 'herb'. thanks for stopping by xxx


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