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Cowgirl Capers

Fever Wild West costume from Jokers' Masquerade.
Well howdy there, thanks for stopping by. Just for this evening, I'm Belle Star the long time girlfriend of Jesse James, and I'm here to tell you all 'bout my new cowgirl costume.

Those lovely folks over at Direct 2 Mum put us in touch with those kind folks at Jokers' Masquerade to put one of their outfits to the test and review...and this is what we thought about it...

Each year we have an annual get together with some great friends of ours and it seems to have become quite a tradition to do a 'Murder Mystery' game for the evening and this year the theme was, you guessed it, a 'WildWest' Murder Mystery.
Who dunnit...?
When we were asked to do a review for Jokers Masquerade, I was actually hoping that Daddy would get to play a character that needed lots of fancy dress but it turned out that it was my character Belle Star who needed a fantastic Cowgirl costume to wear.

I was genuinely impressed by the huge range of fancy dress available at Joker's Masquerade from Superheroes to Halloween to Historical outfits to Christmas and loads more in between. There are costumes for both adults and children. Even specifically looking at Wild West fancy dress there was still a great choice. I was slightly limited in what I could choose because I needed a costume that was available in large size (as I am still trying to shift my post-pregnancy weight). When it arrived, I was really pleased with the fit as it didn't feel at all uncomfortable. The 'sizing' tab of the product information gives details of sizes available so this was really useful for checking to make sure I was going to receive a costume that fitted me.

We even managed to find a great gunslinger's hat for Richard who was Doc Holliday for the evening.

Gunslinger Doc Holliday
The cowgirl costume comes with the cowgirl dress, a red and white checked scarf and a sheriff's badge attached onto the dress. The cowgirl hat is available to purchase separately from Jokers' Masquerade.

I was confident that we could get hold of a gun and stockings separately although again these items are available from Jokers Masquerade if required. I also quickly put together my own garter using a bit of elastic and a ribbon.

The only other item, I wish we had purchased at the time to go with the cowgirl costume is the red petticoat. I thought that the dress would look fine without it, but I actually think it makes a much better outfit with the petticoat. It would have cost less and been a lot less stressful to have just added one to the original order than running around the shops at the last minute to buy one.

I would strongly recommend checking to make sure you know which accessories your choice ofoutfit comes with. The details are all displayed on the Jokers' Masquerade website in the 'product information' part for each outfit so make sure you read those details as the pictures displayed show the outfits with additional accessories to show you how to 'get the look'. As you click on each costume on the website, a section called "Stand out from the crowd" shows you what additional accessories you may need to purchase in order to get the full effect from the costume.

In our experience, fancy dress items are often extremely poor quality as they are just designed to last a short while and obviously not for wearing regularly as normal clothes are. However, the quality of the outfit was sufficiently good that I was not nervous of it falling apart (as we have been with other fancy dress costumes in the past!). I'm sure that if I decided to dress as Belle Star regularly then it would soon start to show signs of wear, but kept for the occasional fancy dress party, I can see this staying in my wardrobe as a favourite costume for fancy dress parties.
Belle Star and Doc Holliday
We were actually so impressed with the range of outfits available from Jokers' Masquerade and with the quality and service that we received, that we have actually purchased another outfit from Jokers' Masquerade for our son who is going to be a wizard in his drama show later this week, so keep an eye out on our blog for an update!

The cowgirl costume, cowgirl hat and gunslinger hat were provided free of charge by Jokers' Masquerade for the purpose of this review. All our opinions given in this review are honest and genuine.

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