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Avengers Quinget - Toyologist Review

Review by The Beesley Buzz.

So it happened. Just like the other guys said it would. There I was, happily flying my Quinjet one day when WHAM! I was scooped up, put in a dark box and transported to a far away land...


This was a land inhabited by giants! As soon as they saw me, the youngest one ripped me and my vehicle out of the box and showed me his home. I saw his sofa, flew up his stairs, landed on his football pitch, and then flew back downstairs again.


This was an exciting ride for me, and I could tell from his face that he was enjoying having me to stay with him. He discovered that my jet can transform from a simple flying machine into an attack jet, equipped with two high-speed missles. Those teddies didn't stand a chance! He even found the secret compartment at the back - although that took a while as it was so well hidden.

He said he didn't know anything about the Avengers before I arrived, but I heard him say he wanted to keep me forever. I guess that must be a good thing! In fact, I haven't left his side since I first arrived.

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