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My dream Pandora bracelet: John Greed Jewellery Blogger Challenge

Home is where my heart is.
A few years ago, I was extremely envious of a friend of mine who was given a beautiful Pandora bracelet for her birthday. Such a simple, yet special concept of designing your own bracelet that is unique to you and can be added to throughout your life with special beads and charms to mark those special occasions. The choice of charm beads and spacers is mind-blowing and is it easy to get carried away as I did when I started to look through all the Pandora Charms in John Greeds online shop.

Initially I chose things like a camera to remind me to treasure all my precious moments, a gorgeous family bead with all the family holding hands around the bead and a cute sea shell bead for all the happy memories I have growing up by the sea. But I ended up going totally over the £250 challenge limit. So I went back to basics and stuck with what mattered the most to me and ended up with a bracelet that would cost £235.

This is what I have ended up with. I have entitled it Home is where my heart is.

Although there are different colours and styles of beads and charms to choose from, I opted for a simple silver design with just those few tiny gold elements in the form of the crowns, as I think that a simpler colour scheme with just a couple of colours works really well with a Pandora bracelet (although of course, there are no rules and the great thing about it is that you can pick exactly what you wish!).

I started with the Pandora silver bracelet, and then I could get onto the really fun part. I toyed with the idea of trying to create something that looked really fashionable and would appeal to everyone, but then I decided that actually the real beauty of the Pandora bracelets is that they can be designed to represent you and your own life (and let's face it, my life is rarely perfectly colour coordinated, symmetrical and 'balanced'!) So I have picked out some real treasures that hold so much meaning to me personally.

When I saw the Queen Bee charm, I just knew it was the one to represent me. Well with a surname like Beesley, and being the mummy bee of the family how could I resist.

I needed one to represent my soulmate and the love of my life so Daddy is represented by the silver bead with the golden crown on it.

Sandwiched between us are 3 beads to show that we have three children. Ideally I would have loved to pick a bead to actually represent each child in terms of their interests and passions e.g. a music note for Daniel as he loves music, the dice bead for Joshua as that would represent his love of board games as well as reminding me that he is an absolute star when it comes to numbers and maths and perhaps a cute pink design or little girl charm to represent baby Trinity.

But to keep within the theoretical budget, I had to stick with the use of 3 items placed between mummy 'Queen bee' and 'king' daddy to represent the three children.

Quite simply (and obviously really) the house charm represents the idea of home and the heart charm represent love and together they symbolise the Home is where my heart is concept that I have created.

The third bead between 'us' is technically a spacer bead - but because it was made up of five hearts joined together, to me it represents all five members of my family - those closest, dearest and most special to me - us five - mum, dad, Josh, Dan and Trinity - all joined together as one family unit with our never ending love (just as a circle has no end point).

So there you have it, my dream Pandora bracelet. I enjoyed that bit of online 'window' shopping at John Greed Jewellery.

You will notice that there is also plenty of space left on my dream bracelet for all our family's future adventures yet to come...

This is my entry into the John Greed Jewellery Pandora £250 Blogger Challenge.


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