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Britain's Best Christmas Craft using one piece of paper!

Hi, It's Joshua and Daniel here, and we've hijacked the blog to bring you a tutorial to show you how to make a Christmas decoration using a PIECE OF WHITE PAPER!

A piece of white paper - but what could you make with it?
Mum is always nagging us to go and do something ourselves but whenever we try to do any crafts, we usually need her help. Or the craft ideas need lots of different bits and pieces that we don't have at home so we end up not being able to do them. So we have decided to show you how to do some simple crafts which children could do on their own. And the best bit is that you can make these from using a piece of white paper, a pair of scissors and not much else. It hardly costs anything either.

Here's our introduction video showing you what you need:

There are three options to chose from that you could make using your piece of white paper. Here's option 1:

and this is what you could end up with. You can either leave it plain white like Joshua's Snowflake or add some sparkly sequins like Daniel's Snowflake:

Option 2 is a little bit more unusual, but is still easy to do once you know how:

And you should end up with a beautiful woven heart like this one:

Option 3 is good old paper chains. Really simple to make but they look so great.

So which of these 3 cool paper Christmas craft ideas will you make with your piece of paper?
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  1. great job guys, as you know were big fans of craft too. i think you have both now spurred me and the boys on to make some snowflakes. keep up the good work.

    1. snowflakes are great aren't they. I remember even when Josh was a baby i used to make them and hang them around the room and he loved looking at them. Hope we get some real snowflakes too this year! x

  2. Fantastic video's and gorgeous boys :-) xx


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