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See you in 6 hours...

That's what D has taken to saying when I drop him off at school each day. 6 hours seems so long. The first time he said it I thought he'd got it wrong. Do kids really spend 6 hours a day at school? Then I worked it out (maths isn't my strong point!) and he was right.

I've spent my days busy busy busy since the boys went back to school. Miss T is a full time job (a lovely one but a full time job nonetheless) and by the time we've got a few chores done each day and perhaps visited a toddler group or stopped off at the park or shop, its time to pick D up. 

So I'd actually been thinking lately about just how short the school day is as it doesn't leave me with enough time to do all I need to do. 

And yet for the kids it can drag. Especially when the weather is beautiful outside. All I keep remembering are our happy summers of homeschool. The boys would often wake up early, get all their work done for the day before it hit 9am (when most kids would just be starting their school day) and then we'd be free to do as we please.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that they're not happy now. Far from it, they have both finally found wonderful schools with fantastic teachers and they're getting on really well. Something that a few years ago I would never have imagined possible. I'd got to the point of not believing that such a thing as a good school even existed. 

So here we are on hot sunny days, with them happy at school, me happy at home and yet reminiscing about a different kind of happy time we had before. 

This time last year:

Oh homeschool sometimes I really miss you! 


  1. Amazing isn't it. 6 hours does sound a long time - until you have a toddler and a to do list :)

    1. tell me about it - The To-do list just grows and grows! x

  2. Home schooling does look really wonderful on the basis of these photos xx

    1. it really is wonderful - especially when your kids aren't happy at school. Thankfully school is working out for them well at the moment but it has left us with such a positive idea of homeschool that I think everyone should give homeschooling a go at some point! x


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