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Outfit of the day: Daddy's adventure day out

Advetnures with Daddy
The Watch Hut and the MAD Blog Awards have challenged bloggers to come up with an outfit of the day. As this is very much a family blog where Daddy gets involved too, we decided it was Daddy's turn to choose an outfit, so here he is to tell you about it:

I have gone for an outfit that would be perfect for a family adventure day out.

J and D both love adventures - out and about, in the woods, running across fields. Anything outdoors and using lots of energy. And Miss T is starting to enjoy the same - whether it is running around the garden with her brothers or walking in the countryside carrying Hoppy and Patch and holding my hand.

With the heat of summer coming, the outfit has to be cool and lightweight, as well as durable and stylish! So here's what I have chosen:
  1. These sturdy Salomons boots from Blacks are perfect for hiking outdoors, but lightweight enough to be worn all day whilst adventuring with the kids. The boys will tell you that my current pair of boots are starting to fall about from being worn so often, so having a decent pair that lasts is a must!
  2. These fantastic Levi's chinos from John Lewis are ideal. Lightweight and strong, they look just the part. And, being cotton, they will clean easily from any incriminating dirt from the adventure!
  3. Who knows more about adventures than Bear Grylls himself? This aptly named Bear Adventure shirt from Craghoppers has been designed with style, comfort and practical fun in mind. Rugged and tough, and made from sun-protective fabric to allow all-day fun with the family. Lots of pockets, too, to help carry the kit you need for the adventure (or the rice cakes for Miss T!)
  4. These Ralph Lauren sunglasses look great and have the added advantage of being foldable across the middle. So they look fantastic when the suns out, and can be safely tucked away if we suffer from a typical British summer!
  5. I'd love to have a decent watch again like this Fossil from The Watch Hut. As well as looking great and keeping time, it has a tachymeter and chronograph function to help time and keep track of the kids as they dash about. Waterproof, too, in case the adventures get a bit wild.
  6. Just in case the summer weather does take a turn for the worst, this Boss jacket from John Lewis not only looks amazing, but will keep me adventuring whatever the weather.

This is my entry for the Outfit of the Day competition run by The Watch Hut hosted over at The MAD Blog Awards

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