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Daddy Beautiful: Wot So Funee

It has been far too long since we last joined in with the Wot so funee linky. It's not that my children have suddenly stopped saying and doing funny things, far from it, but I just find the weeks merge one into the other and the blogposts sat in my drafts folder just seem to sit there week by week (and sometimes month by month!)

This is something that Miss T has been saying for around a month or so. We all know just how much she adores daddy and I mentioned in passing in this post how she thinks Daddy has 'pretty knees'. Whenever I tell her she's cute or lovely - she will reply with 'Daddy cute' or 'Daddy lovely'.

Well this is what happened when I said she was beautiful...

Just like her words for 'Chips please' sounded like she was saying something very different last year, it looks like her word for 'beautiful' sounds very different too!

Wot So Funee?


  1. I think she's secretly telling us that Daddy's locked himself in the loo with the iPad. Or, maybe that's just us ;)
    She's very cute - I love how only parents can tell what they're acutally saying at this age. Thanks so much for joining in again xx

    1. it seems to have become her little saying to say about daddy to make us all giggle. x


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