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Me and my arthritis: GOPO Rosehip trial at 8 weeks

I've now been taking GOPO rosehip supplement for around 8 weeks now. My 4 week update can be found here and my initial post about starting the trial here. As before, I've kept a diary going to record how things are going and how much pain and stiffness I've had in my hip and lower back which are the main areas that are affected by arthritis.

After my last update where I'd had 4 really good weeks on the whole, these last few weeks have had a few more bad days with back stiffness in particular. These have been more short lived than previously (i.e. before taking GOPO) and less severe in intensity. We've had some wet weather and hot, humid days over the past few weeks and so that could well be a contributing factor to explain why there have been a few more bad days recently.

I usually live in trainers as I haven't succeeded in finding any other shoes that provide as much cushioning as trainers. Yet due to the heat over recent weeks, I have been wearing sandals on occasion. Whilst I know I cannot walk in sandals, even wearing them for short periods of time can be enough to trigger back pain the following day, and that seems to have happened on a few occasions. 

There have also been some particularly good days. I have managed to get to a couple of sessions at the hydrotherapy pool and have noticed that has helped on those days and for the following couple of days. I've even been well enough to do the vaccuuming which is a big plus as my back pain often prevents me from doing this.  

The good days also mean that I can get out and about more easily and do more with the kids. 

In terms of the GOPO trial, I still have a further 4 weeks of the trial to go which I will be completing. In addition, I have ordered 3 further packs of GOPO to keep me going for at least the rest of the year as I believe that even with the bad days, things are better than they were without the GOPO. 

I will be writing a further update at 10 weeks and then at the end of the 12 week trial so stayed tuned for those.
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Disclosure: I have been sent a 12 week supply of GOPO capsules to trial and then describe how I get on. 


  1. Oh it's good these are helping you. I suffer back pain and there is nothing more frustrating then not being able to do the simplest of things like spending the day out with the family through pain :(

    Lovely photos as always

    1. thanks Rachel. I have tried so many things over the years that I had my doubts if these would help - but thankfully they do seem to make a positive difference. x

  2. I have back pain - for different reasons - but it's always good to read about things that might help x

    1. It has really helped ease the back stiffness which had got really bad recently. x


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