> The Beesley Buzz: How do you fit AWESOME in a box?

How do you fit AWESOME in a box?

...those clever people at Box of Awesome have found a way!

Filled with treats, goodies, stickers, trading cards, characters and books, the Box of Awesome certainly lives up to its name. Both J and D each received one this week, and the level of excitement in the house was palpable! They set about opening the white boxes to see what treasures awaited them.

The contents of J and D's box were different with J getting a whole bunch of Moshi Monsters items which were right up his street! And D especially loved the Hank Zipzer book in his box. Box of Awesome have got lots of the big brands that kids love on board so kids won't be dissappointed.

Here's a video we put together so you can find out a bit more about the Box of Awesome goodies that we received. You might notice that Miss T took quite an interest so we might be signing her up for Box of Awesome's somewhat 'pinker' counterpart, Box of OMG.

You can sign up to the Box of Awesome list to be in with a chance of winning a standard box, or can pay £4.99 to receive the MEGA box. J and D each received a MEGA box to review. As well as standard items, these boxes contain extra special items - in this case a book each.
J and D will leave you with a few final words about the Box of Awesome:

"The Box of Awesome was cram packed with lots of stuff. I didn't think so much could fit in there" D age 8

"I think the MEGA Box of Awesome is best because I got a book in mine which is worth £4.99  and so it really makes it good value because the MEGA Box of Awesome had lots of other stuff in too!" J age 10. 

"I'd like to get another Box of Awesome in future". D age 8.

Disclosure: J and D were each sent a MEGA Box of Awesome for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. You can follow Box of Awesome on Twitter here or find them on facebook here

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