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Our Desk Safari with The imums and 10ZiG

The iMums have teamed up with 10ZiG  to see us getting silly with selfies by taking photos of us on 'Desk Safari'. The iMums was one of the first facebook pages I really got into following when we first got an iPad as they have tried and tested so many apps and are always the first to give details of any app promotions or free trials. They have lots of giveaways and also give out free codes on facebook too so keep a close eye on there!

Anyway back to our safari. The boys each chose one of their favourite animals and got into 'character' with their posture and facial expressions.

D was a roaring tiger.

J was an elegant zebra.

When Miss T saw what was going on, she was really keen to get involved. Can you guess what her favourite animal is?
The cutest bunny you've ever seen!
Then we decided to really have some fun and make a hybrid of all three - We ended up with a Zebrabbitig. Or should that be a Tigrazeb?
This is such a fun challenge to take part in, you can find all the details here.


  1. I love this!
    How much fun did your little ones have creating these images x

    1. thanks Jess. Yes we love fun projects like this to get involved with x

  2. Makes me wish I still had small kiddies :)

    1. Big kids can always get involved with fun projects too - You'll often see me and my husband joining in with silly photos and videos too. x


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