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A few of our favourite Emily Gravett Books

You may well remember from our recent review of Bear and Hare Go Fishing, and our Wonderlands post from a couple of years ago, that we adore Emily Gravett books.

Just the other day we picked up one we hadn't read before from the library, it was Little Mouse's Big Book of Beasts. And just like all of Emily Gravett's other books, it was fantastic. We loved how Little Mouse had torn, drawn, ripped and tied all the 'beasts' to make them less scary.
Miss T finds it funny to see that Little Mouse has covered the lions claws with mittens, taped up his mouth and ripped out his roar. 
These books are so cleverly made with real folds, flaps and holes. It reminded me of how we heard from Emily Gravett at the Wonderlands festival about how she actually had to put paper in their pet cage (hamster or mouse I think?) to get it to look right with nibbles and droppings on it!!!

It also reminded me that one of the lovely children's books that PanMacmillan sent us a while back was Again! by Emily Gravett. This is another one which has real holes in it - this time created by a little dragon's fiery breath - to add to the enjoyment.

Miss T enjoyed hearing about a little dragon who just couldn't get enough of his favourite story, asking for it again and again until...

...he ended up in such a rage that he burnt a hole in the book!

Disclosure: PanMacmillan kindly sent us a copy of Again! by Emily Gravett. All opinions are our own.

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