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Draw with me - Space! July 2014

King of Space by D
Here we are for this month's Draw with Me linky which can be found over at This mummy loves. The theme is another fabulous one - Space!

Miss T got busy drawing this picture and I've labelled some of the planets on there for her.

She only used colouring pencils and so the picture has come out quite faintly so not too clear to see on here - apologies. I've also had a big 'mummy fail' moment because I was going to scan in her original picture so it would show more clearly but I have managed to lose it! Although I'm feeling relieved that I took this photo of her with her drawing so we at least have something to show you.

The boys have both been exhausted and although they are still loving being back at school, they are finding this last stretch of term tiring. D has been moaning that the school day is too long - Which I have to say I agree with!

So when they said they were too tired to draw a space picture, I knew I had to respect their wishes. But I remembered that they had done some pictures of space in the past using pastels and watercolours and even used salt onto the wet watercolours to make different effects. So I have dug out those pictures to reminisce...

J using water colour and salt effects to create Space pictures
J's finished space picture with additional felt pen drawings cut out and stuck onto the watercolour painting

D's space picture using oil pastels

D experimenting with oil pastels and paints 
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  1. Oh wow great drawings once again lovelies!! We really love seeing your entries each month and so happy that you join us! I know what you mean about them being too tired!! Mine are exhausted and we are all really looking forward to the summer hols x

    1. thanks Sonia - we really love taking part. x

  2. Nice pictures. Having left it close to the deadline, Son2 was also too tired #DrawWithMe

    1. thank you. Even though mine love drawing - they still can get too tired after a long day of school. x


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