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Book review: Bear and Hare Go Fishing

I absolutely adore picture books. They are my favourite type of children's book and I often think if I'd been blessed with any drawing skills whatsoever (which sadly I am not), I would spend my days drawing picture books for my children. Because I have read so many and I know what I like, I am forever coming up with ideas of what I'd like to see a picture book about.

One of my absolute favourite picture book authors is Emily Gravett. We were lucky enough to have met Emily Gravett a couple of years ago at the Wonderlands children's book festival at the British Library after D and J were invited to read their creative writing there.

And I can safely say that I have never been disappointed when reading an Emily Gravett book. Whilst the illustrations themselves always make her books a worthwhile read, they are also coupled with simple, yet clever stories that children of all ages will enjoy. 

Bear and Hare Go Fishing is about two friends, Bear and Hare, who end up catching all manner of interesting things on their fishing trip with a final BIG surprise at the end. 

Miss T adores this book because of the beautiful illustrations and the animals and objects that she can recognise and name.

D's favourite part was seeing Hare make a loooong daisy chain because this year he has really got into making daisy chains too. 

J and D also appreciated some of the smaller clever details like the publisher information, copyright information and ISBN number being written to take the shape of Bear's fishing line on the last page of the book. 

So Emily Gravett has done it again - she's created another favourite picture book to add to my collection and treasure forever. 

Disclosure: We were sent this very lovely copy of Bear and Hare Go Fishing by PanMacmillan when they heard what big picture book fans we were. They didn't ask us to write a review but we very much wanted to as we adore Emily Gravett books. You can buy your own copy of Bear and Hare Go Fishing here.


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