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Book review: Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb

Aunt Amelia comes to stay whilst mum and dad go away. With scaly skin and a long crocodiles tail, a Mary Poppins style umbrella, and a big case and hat, things are not looking up for these two children. She's bound to be strict and mean, after all she's a crocodile who's green!

But we're all in for a treat as Aunt Amelia turns out to be quite different from anything we expected and the children have a whale of a time.

It was a story we all enjoyed and like all clever picture books the words AND illustrations worked together to tell the whole story. Each without the other just wouldn't make sense. 

I never did figure out quite why Aunt Amelia was a crocodile who looks quite dinosaur-like and Miss T reckons she's a dragon dressed up in a dress, but who cares, with an auntie as great as that, I think we'd all be happy to have Aunt Amelia come to stay!

Rebecca Cobb's beautiful illustrations make this a book to treasure and keep on your bookshelves long after the children have grown up.

Aunt Amelia is available to buy from PanMacmillan and you can find more information here

Disclosure: PanMacmillan sent us a copy of Aunt Amelia when they saw how much we loved picture books. We have not been asked to write a review but enjoyed the book so much that we wanted to! 

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