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Nintendo Challenge 4: Pink Shelled?

Remember the Blue Shell Blues video we shared with you when Mario Kart 8 launched? And how everyone can have #BlueShelled moments in life too. Well challenge 4 was to create a new weapon for Mario Kart. What weapon could we come up with that would knock our opponents out the way?

J got to work straight away inventing his multi-coloured pencil weapon which fires like a missile and blows your opponents up. The only way to be safe from it is to stay in the lead!

Miss T had other ideas though. Ever since she heard us singing along to the Blue Shell Blues, she would start saying Pink Shell! Because she adores anything pink - it seems to be her absolute favourite colour. You might remember from challenge 3 that the character she was most like was Pink loving Princess Peach.

So we decided to indulge her by creating a Pink Shell as a weapon. Miss T used a sponge painting tool to paint some pink onto paper (you could use normal sponges or even do finger painting or potato printing).

When the pink paint was dry, mummy drew an outline of a shell and then filled in some pretty details.
To end up with our Pink Shell which Miss T was very proud of.
However, this is a weapon with a difference...

Instead of blowing anyone up or something nasty happening, we decided that getting Pink Shelled would make you feel happy. If you got Pink Shelled, it would send you to the front and put you in the lead. Just as being Blue Shelled has become synonymous with something bad happening out of the blue, being Pink Shelled would be something unexpectedly nice happening.

So real life examples of that Pink Shelled feeling might be:

  • Receiving a nice parcel in the post
  • Finding out you've won a competition
  • Bumping into a good friend you haven't seen in ages
  • When your parents buy you a treat just because
So whilst J thought that a weapon should be a weapon and do something mean, Miss T disagreed. So would you rather be Pink Shelled or Blue Shelled?

I know which one I'd prefer! 
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  1. Oh I love the pink shelled idea! They should totally use that! You are so good at coming up with these things :) x

    1. It was Miss T's idea. She just kept going on about Pink Shells! Now she has started to mention purple shells too! x

  2. Awww I love the idea of a weapon that made you happy! The pencil missile is really good too. I do love Mario Kart, we bought a second hand copy of Mario Kart Double Dash the other day to reminisce.

    1. We thought it would be nice for a change to have something good happen in a game instead of a weapon. x


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