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Go Karting fun!

You may remember a while ago we wrote a blog post in the hope of being picked as an Activity Toys Direct Ambassador. We were so pleased to have been chosen as one of ten bloggers who will be doing reviews, hosting competitions and lots more in partnership with Activity Toys Direct.

What we didn't mention in that review (as it didn't fit with our pirate theme) was that the kids were totally in awe of the Go Karts they had spotted on the Activity Toys Direct website. So you can guess just how excited they were when we got an email telling us we could review a fabulous Berg Go Kart.

Then just before Christmas a huge delivery lorry pulled up outside and left us the Go Kart. It came attached to a wooden pallet for safe delivery and so was bigger than I imagined. Impressively it was completely and totally ready assembled. The wheels were all pumped up too and ready to go!

We then had lots of bad weather with some of the worst flooding our town has seen in a long time so our shiny new Go Kart was stuck indoors for a while. (It didn't stop Miss T sitting on it whilst dreaming of sunnier days though).

Finally, a dry day to test it out. Here's how we got on:

The Berg Go Kart is designed for 3-8 year olds. That sounds like quite a wide age range so we were keen to see how accurate it was. Miss T is nearly 2 and watching her sit on it we could see her being able to ride it in around a year or so. D is 7 so he was our main tester and as you can see from the video, he had lots of fun. J is now 9 so although he was able to ride it, he was getting slightly on the big side for it. The really great thing is that the seat has 3 positions it can easily be adjusted to depending on the age / size of the child. The steering wheel height can also be adjusted. So age 3 to 8 was a pretty accurate guide making it a good long term investment.

I was a bit worried about the kids going downhill on it because at first I couldn't see any brakes on it - but then we realised it has a clever back-pedalling braking mechanism so all you have to do is back-pedal for it to stop.

The other features we really loved about it are that the chain is totally enclosed in a safety guard so no risk of little fingers getting caught.

It is really well built and sturdy making it feel like it is built to last. Steering is really easy too.

Our eldest son only relatively recently mastered cycling without stabilisers (his ASD and related conditions meant that he struggled with the coordination and balance required to ride a bike). This Go Kart would have made an excellent vehicle for him to ride whilst he learnt to master a bike so that he could join Daddy and his brother on bike rides but using the Go Kart instead so that he wasn't left out.

This is the part of the blog post that is tempting to go into the whole 'pink is for girls' debate, but I'm not going to. The reason being that it was a non-issue for us. My boys have never had an issue playing with pink toys and so they didn't bat an eyelid when we received the Go Kart which had a white frame with stylish pink wheels and a pink seat. They simply thought it was mega cool and loved riding it.

For anyone wanting a different colour though, there is an equally stylish Orange framed version with black wheels and seat which also looks fabulous. Both are currently priced at £215.00

Although there wasn't any leaflet or info included when it was delivered, there is further information about the Go Kart available on the Activity Toys Direct website if you want to see the full list of fabulous features. And, as it is already assembled, all you have to do is jump on and ride!

Having really enjoyed driving this amazing pedal powered Go Kart, it is a product that my kids and I would highly recommend!

Disclosure: As Activity Toys Direct Ambassadors, we were sent the Berg Go Kart to review and keep. All opinions are our own honest opinions. Although we have tried to ensure that pricing information is correct at the time of writing this blog post, as always please check yourself for current prices prior to purchase.


  1. It looks great fun. I know Emmy would love it when a little bigger.

    1. yes our kids love it! - thanks for stopping by. xxx


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