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Fairytales do come true

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful baby girl. Her family adored her. She was just like a little princess to them. When she was nearly 20 months old she went on a special holiday with her mum, dad, and family to Denmark. And because it was December, she took with her her warm and cosy 2.5 tog Grobag which she loved so much. In fact, she couldn’t sleep without it.

She slept soundly in the hotel room both in the day for her naps and at night. Her lovely Grobag was just perfect and everyone was so glad that they had taken it on holiday with them.

Then it was time to come home. On the train heading back to the airport, Daddy says to Mummy “Didn’t Miss T sleep well in her Grobag?” and Mummy replied, “Oh yes. You did remember to pack it to bring home didn’t you Daddy?”. Daddy looked panicked. Mummy looked sad. There was no time to go back to the hotel or they would miss their flight home. (There was actually a big argument at this point about who packed what and who was last out of the hotel room and was supposed to check it but we'll miss that bit out to avoid a further argument breaking out between Mummy and Daddy).

Back at home, Miss T slept in her lightweight summer Grobag but with the cold winter nights, she tossed and turned and got chilly and woke up in the night. Her parents did not want to use blankets as they strongly believed that a Grobag was best.  

And that could have been the end of the story. An unhappy little princess and parents who kept on arguing about whose fault it was! 

But that's when our fairy godmother makes an entrance into our story. Our hero came in the form of The Gro Company who heard about the little princess who was now sleeping worse than that other famous princess who was troubled by a pea. 

And they speedily sent a new warm cosy 2.5tog Grobag which was so pretty that it was truly fit for a princess. It was called the Button Rose Grobag and was pink and flowery and dotty and oh so pretty!
And now little Miss T sleeps happily each night and she makes a cute little 'pop pop' sound as we popper the top of her Grobag and she copies the zip sound each time we zip her in and out. And Daddy was finally off the hook, and Mummy was happy that the sleepless nights had ended and they all lived happily ever after. So that was our fairytale which did come true, thanks to an amazing company who came to the rescue - Thank you The Gro Company! 

A rather extended disclosure bit: This is a true story. We were sent this beautiful Button Rose Grobag from The Gro Company when they heard about what had happened. We love The Gro Company's Grobag's so much that we would happily have bought a replacement one for T but we are really very grateful for their kindness in sending one to us.

With our older children, having previously used unbranded sleeping bags when they were little, we can honestly say that we believe the Grobag to be of a really high quality, easy to use and we love that it comes in a wide age range too i.e. T's one is suitable from 18-36 months so will last her a long time making it a really worthwhile good value product (if we don't leave it behind somewhere again!) 

We love the guide on the back of the pack - I always keep the packaging handy so I can easily check the temperature guide to help me know which tog Grobag to use and with which clothing.

They have lots of lovely Grobag designs and they also have some other innovative products too so pop over and take a peek at The Gro Store. You can even get Grobags in even better value twin packs meaning that you will always have one spare when the other is in the wash (or has been left at a hotel in Copenhagen!) 

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