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Draw with me linky - December

Once again we are joining in with one of our favourite linkys, Draw with me, over at This Mummy Loves. This months theme is...Christmas!

There are lots of amazing prizes this month too - when D saw the design your own Pyjamas, he set to work straight away on his Christmassy picture.

Last month, you may remember me describing how the kids seem to prefer to do their black and white drawings whenever they join in with this linky (I have no idea why - it is just what they seem to do each month).

So you will be pleased to see that this month, D has added some colour, not a lot, but a few bits to highlight the Christmas lights, baubles and some of the bows on the Christmas presents.

by D, aged 7
It is a picture of a Christmas tree with gifts under it and santa's footprints coming through the doorway (which has a piece of mistletoe above it!).

D's big brother, J, has had to give it a miss this month as he slammed his thumb in the car door a week ago and it is still very bruised and painful and with the dressings and bandages on there he's struggling to write or draw. Even the basics of getting dressed and feeding himself have been a challenge too, so he decided to sit this one out and join in next month when his thumb is fully recovered.

This Mummy Loves...


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    1. yes - we liked that too! I think it is because naughty santa always leaves a trail of sparkly footprints in our house each year and it takes us ages to clear them up on Christmas day! xxx

  2. What a lovely picture! Love the way she's just highlighted certain things in colour! x


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