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Miss T at 20 months old

Last Wednesday Miss T turned 20 months old. As I look at her I wonder where those 20 months have flown by to and as always I am amazed at just how much and how quickly babies and toddlers develop.

I usually list a few new words that she's learnt each month - but this month there are too many to do that! She will basically try to copy almost any word. J has had her saying 'disgusting', she says 'ooh la la' very cutely, and still says 'babish' for pretty whenever she has seen Christmas lights (last month she was saying it about the fireworks).

One big development seems to be that because she has quite a few words now, she can make herself understood a lot of the time even though she can only use single words. For example, if she wants a banana she will say 'baana', or 'nack' for a 'snack', 'dic-dic' for biscuits, and 'piece' for a piece of chocolate as I discovered when I was trying to cook a chocolate roulade the other day (don't fall off your chair reading that - yes I did actually attempt to cook a pudding - pretty much a first for me!).

She is starting to show signs of toddler stroppiness (although most the time she is pretty relaxed, easy-going and happy). When she wants to walk she will say 'ork' and gets cross if you put her in the buggy at that point. She will say 'poon' for spoon if she needs cutlery to eat with or when she wants a yogurt.

She will run over for a 'tuddle' often. Her and J have a funny thing where they throw themselves onto a giant cuddly rabbit we have and shout 'tuddle' as they hug the rabbit. (Was hoping to be able to throw that rabbit out soon as it takes so much space - but doesn't look like I'll be able to now).
'tuddles' and 'book' with daddy
She enjoys joining in with drawing and colouring. And we've discovered that she really loves Poppet from Moshi Monsters. 'Boppet' she will say whenever she sees a picture (which is often as the boys have Moshi posters and magazines everywhere!)

We've started to try putting her hair in a pony tail or bunches. They don't often last long before she pulls them out but long enough to snap a photo. She still does that cute scrunched up smile when she spots the camera come out. Her hair's getting so long that tonight we even had to use the hairdryer on it!

She loved joining in with putting up the Christmas tree ('tee') and the decorations.

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