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Wot So Funee - Practising my Autograph!

We've been jet setting around over the past few days with hotel stays in Copenhagen and then in London (more about that in a future blog post).

Whilst unpacking, we found a series of notes, which really brought a smile to our face.

The first one was done on a scrap of paper in Copenhagen (a bit more about our trip can be found on D's blog here). On one side, D has signed it. I've just shown the other side to show it must have been done whilst we were at the Adina Hotel in Copenhagen.
Nothing funny about that you may be thinking. A 7 year old child just practicing writing their name, right? Wrong.

Back in London, we had an impromptu stay at Novotel Heathrow (again more about that in another blog post soon) and there we found D's signature again. And on the back of the piece of paper he had written: "I'm the one who keeps on COOKinG! and you might too! xxx Love Daniel."

That's when we realised what he'd been up to. He'd been practising his autograph for when he becomes a famous chef. It seems not content with being a chef, he wants to be a celebrity chef. And we loved how he'd come up with his own little slogan too!

We also found another piece of paper with a scribble on and when we turned it over, D had written "Trin's signiture" on the other side. So it looks like he's planning on having a famous little sister too as he's got her practising her signature at only 19 months old!

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Wot So Funee?


  1. Brilliant, I love that he has it all planned! Very organised :) #wotsofunee

    1. I know - I wish he was so planned and organised when it comes to tidying his room though! x

  2. I like the practising from an early age and what a good slogan too

  3. How cute! It's important to have ambition x

  4. Briliant: a boy who knows what he wants & has a plan to get it! Love that he already has a catch-phrase :)

    1. we adored his catch-phrase. thanks for stopping by. xxx


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