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Catching up!

After a whistle stop weekend, At the moment I feel like I'm just chasing my tail trying to catch up with myself!

By writing this down I will make sure I get around to doing it! Blogging kind of keeps me accountable to myself...

We had an amazing weekend in Copenhagen which D will want to write about over at The Brilliant Chef, and he still wants to write up about his visit to the Tate Modern a couple of weeks ago too.

I've been delaying writing up about meeting one of the loveliest families I've ever met, Pauly, Laura, Seth and Opie from Gifts from the Pirates. I wanted to be able to write an amazing post that does it justice just how great it was to meet up with them...I toyed with the idea of attempting to write a comic strip or do something superhero themed to describe our weekend with them because of their interest in that. But alas, I'm just going to have to write a plain blog post as I don't think I'm clever enough to be able to pull off anything more artistic. 

Upon our return from Copenhagen, We headed straight to a Moshi movie screening in Leicester Square without having headed home first. We just had to rummage through our cases and find any clothes that were clean enough to get a second wearing. Well there was no way we were going to miss the movie so what else were we to do!

Then straight onto 'Ripley's Believe it or not' museum from there.  

Still haven't caught up on washing or getting organised for this week. And still have the duck tape giveaway to get posted too.

Today D has been busy drawing a picture for this months Christmas themed draw with me linky.

So a flurry of blogs posts to come this week! Our attempts to be a slow blogger seem to be out the window for this week.


  1. im right with you with needing to catch up, i have about 30 posts part written and a lack of motivation to go with it. I'm glad you guys had a great weekend, how was the food? fancy a meet up when Christmas is out of the way? would love to catch up with you guys xx

    1. yes - we would LOVE to see you guys again! xxx


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