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A Slow Toy Christmas with The Toadstool

The Toadstool Slow Toy Linky

Whilst we are still technically on our Christmas break from blogging we couldn't resist sharing our Slow Toy Christmas with our wonderful toys from The Toadstool.

In case you hadn't noticed the Toadtest badge on our sidebar recently, we were absolutely thrilled to have been picked as a Toadtester for 2014. The Toadstool has a really special place in our heart not only because of their amazing range of toys and their stance on ethics and sustainability but also because of their kindness to J. They asked him to share some of his favourite jokes with them and they lovingly match them up with some of their toys and share on their facebook page. Being involved in finding jokes for The Toadstool has been such a source of happiness and self-esteem for J that we are so thankful to them for that.

Both J and D LOVE looking at The Toadstool website and had great fun putting together a fantasy Christmas wishlist. Little did we realise at the time that many of those items on our wishlist would appear under our tree for Christmas. We were the extremely lucky winner in The Toadstool blogger competition. Because the boys both love reading our own blog and other blogs, both The Toadstool and us had to keep our excitement hidden, so that it was a complete surprise to the kids when they came down on Christmas morning to find that Santa had left so many amazing gifts from The Toadstool under the tree.

And now there is a lovely slow toy Christmas linky where anyone can link up their present opening excitement of Christmas day. If you don't blog, but still want to join in, you can also post photos to The Toadstool facebook page. There will even be a lucky winner from amongst those who have purchased toys from The Toadstool to win £50 to spend in their toy sale. See here for more info. (And there's more about SLOW toys here in case you aren't sure which toys are included as slow toys).

But now, without further ado, a poem by daddy and a video too of our Toadstool Christmas!

'Twas the night before Christmas,
And all of the town
Was flooded and miserable*
No smiles, just frowns.

But Santa did bring,
Some winter cheer,
With the help of The Toadstool,
His helpers were near.

In the morning,
Squeals of delight.
Smiles so broad,
As to bring forth the light.

And happiness was had
From the whole family
As unwrapping took place
Around the bright tree.

A camera for her,
Ball-tracks for the boys
Worry-eaters, marionettes,
And so many toys!

So before we begin
To review all those gifts,
We have one huge THANK YOU
to The Toadstool to lift.

And of course there will be many reviews coming for those wonderful toys. Thank you so much once again to The Toadstool. I could easily write another whole blog post about just how much of a help it was to have those gifts arrive all beautifully wrapped and ready for Santa to put under the tree, but I will just say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 

*Our town has been badly affected by the recent floods. Thankfully we are ok and our house is fine but our thoughts and prayers are with those who have spent Christmas eve and Christmas day evacuated from their flooded homes.


  1. oh how fantastic!!
    Well done on your win

  2. Such a great poem! And I love the video :)

    1. thank you - it was daddy's efforts doing the poem and video. The kids have enjoyed watching it today and I'm sure it will give us lots of happy memories to look back on in future too. xxx

  3. Well done, looks like they'll be lots of fun in your house over the months to come!

    1. yes - the ball track, plus plus and mikado have been played with lots already! xxx

  4. Wow it must have been the most fantastic Christmas in your house. Huge congratulations too. Catch up soon :)

  5. Each time I watch this video I get tears in my eyes. Knowing that the toys I sell bring so much joy to Children unwrapping their presents is really heart warming. I should get this video as screensaver in my office! The motivator of the year! xxx Enjoy the toys!

    1. thanks Niki, So pleased you like the video. xxx

  6. I can'twork out if my comment just vanishe or not, so apologies if it's repeated!

    The video and photo's are really sweet, they all were clearly enchanted with their presents, how lovely!
    Glad you've escaped the worst of the flooding and fingers crossed it's calmed down now :) x

    1. thank you. The kids keep watching that video over and over - it reminds them of our special Christmas day! Yes we're hoping for a bit less rain this year. xxx


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