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Katsuma Unleashed DS game review

Normally when the kids help with reviews, we usually edit their posts slightly correcting typos and perhaps adding or removing bits to make sure it makes sense, but I was SO impressed with J's review of Katsuma Unleashed, that here it is exactly as he wrote it! Turns out he couldn't wait until Christmas to get a copy of his own to review so has based his review on when he played it on our visit to Moshi HQ.

Over to J:

My brother and me playing Katsuma Unleashed at Moshi HQ

When we went to Moshi Monsters HQ, I played Katsuma unleashed. There are 6 places where you have to battle your way through the levels defeating Glumps and  Robo-moshlings and rescue monsters and moshlings.

The controls are: press the A button to jump, the B button to do a spin attack, the left and right buttons to go left and right. When you are in the air press B and DOWN together to do a ground pound. If you are going down a slope press DOWN to slide down the slope knocking off any baddies on the slope. If you do a ground pound on wooden crates you can destroy them. If you find a cage use a spin attack on it to open the cage and rescue the moshling inside it. You rescue a monster if you defeat a boss.

I managed to defeat the first two bosses and rescue the first two monsters. the first boss is Sweet tooth where you rescue Zommer and get the ability to throw eyeballs and destroy special eyeball blocks.

The second boss is big chief tiny head where you rescue Furi and get the ability to smash special smash blocks. I also think that with the furi ability you can punch the baddies. I played in two places. One was the wobbly woods and the other I can't remember. The trickier bits were the moving platforms, falling platforms and the sinking sand. I really enjoyed playing the game.

Love J x


  1. What a brilliant review J! Sounds like a great game... maybe it will find its way here too.... oh and tell your mum 'bah humbug' from me ;)


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