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My fabulous blogging boys

Around this time last year, we bought our son, who was 6 years old at the time, a very unusual Christmas present. We got him his own domain name www.TheBrilliantChef.co.uk as a little corner of the internet where he could write-up his favourite recipes and write about his cheffing adventures. You can read more about it here.

But it was Daddy who designed his logo and layout although D decides what goes on his blog, we always edit it to correct his spelling, punctuation, grammar etc and help him with uploading photos and videos. So although it is his blog, it is not a pure 'kids blog' as it gets edited by us.

Now both he and his big brother J wanted to have their own 'unedited' space to blog about everything else they love doing.

So J has set up Joshi Moshi Blog at http://joshimoshiblog.blogspot.co.uk/ where he is going to be blogging about lots of Moshi Monsters stuff no doubt! As well as all the other stuff he likes...his favourite iPad apps and games, his favourite online games and other toys, games, and anything he likes really.

D has set up a second blog of his own called Outside of the Kitchen at http://outsideofthekitchen.blogspot.co.uk/ We thought it quite fabulous that he chose a name for his second blog that still reflects his love of cookery. He had great fun deciding his own colour scheme and layout and we really love this blog post that he has just written about his Robot Dragon. (Hopefully, if I find the time, you'll get the full story about how we got a pet dragon on our blog too sometime soon).

So bizarrely enough, considering how hard it is to find the time to blog, we are now a four-blog family!!!

I have no idea how often the boys will want to write or whether it is just a hobby they will soon forget, but for now we'll let them blog unedited and resist the temptation to interfere.


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