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KOR GEOMAG Proteon Blatta Review

When Kid's Blog Club put us in touch with Geomag to review their KOR GEOMAG Proteon character called Blatta, the boys jumped at the chance.

Unlike the original world-famous Geomag system you may already be familiar with, the KOR Geomag range contains the magnets within the plastic parts rather than as separate small pieces, thereby giving me far more peace of mind whenever Miss T was around.

The pieces are then built around a hollow metal sphere to create a character. Five characters are available in the Proteon range aimed at children age 5 and over, with an additional two 'cute' characters in the Tazoo range. Both ranges are compatible meaning that the pieces can be used to create your own unique characters too. It was the 103 piece Blatta that was the Proteon character that D set out to build.
With step by step instructions in a booklet, the build was soon underway...
As the pieces are held together by magnets to make it flexible and moveable, they did sometimes fall off so Daddy and big bro lent a hand too. D really liked the 'pull' feel as the magnets gripped together. Some of outer the pieces are not magnetic and just push into place.
As there are a few spare parts and accessories like the swords and wings, D enjoyed adding those parts on. 
and finally, Blatta was ready! 

Here's some more information from the press release:
A geomagnetic storm in 2013 caused the migration of KOR GEOMAG asteroids to our earth. Arriving from outer space, the personality of each KOR GEOMAG and the shape they take depends on where they land and which child finds them. 

The latest Swiss-made innovation in magnetic construction toys, the magic of KOR GEOMAG comes from the magnetic core that lets the toys transform, change shape and evolve into limitless creations restricted only by a child’s imagination. Welcome to the world of KOR GEOMAG !

KOR GEOMAG sets retail from £25. Find out more at www.geomagworld.com and www.facebook.com/geomagworld.

Disclosure: We were sent the KOR GEOMAG  Proteon Blatta to review.The RRP for the Blatta set is £49.99.  All opinions are our own. 

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