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Plan Toys Frog Life puzzle from The Toadstool

This Plan Toys Frog life puzzle from The Toadstool has rapidly become one of my all time favourite toys.

It is one of those fabulous toys that can be used in more than one way - the puzzle element of it can be put together in two different ways (see photos below) and it is also educational as it helps children learn about the topic of lifecycles by focussing on a frog's life cycle. 

Two puzzles in one
The puzzle pieces are chunky 3-dimensional pieces that are perfect for little hands to hold. There is a simpler version puzzle that can help children learn what to do. The frog spawn, tadpole and frog fit into their corresponding shape gaps on the reserve side of the pond. 

This can be used to teach children about the frog's lifecycle and helps them understand the purpose of how to use the puzzle. I loved seeing Miss T put the pieces into place and then clap for herself with delight.

We also worked together on the bigger puzzle version which uses all the pieces including the lily pads.

Plan Toys boast some impressive Eco credentials including the use of sustainable materials, non-formaldehyde glue and water-based dyes. You can find out more about them here.

Excellent Quality
This toy 'feels' like it is excellent quality. Just by holding the wooden frog, or feeling the sturdiness of the 'pond' you can tell that it is well made, extremely durable and is going to last a long time. Unlike plastic toys which can become brittle and break after a few years, I can see this frog puzzle being handed down from generation to generation, the quality really is that good! 

Aimed at children aged 2 and over, Miss T is just under two and was able to understand what to do. Because of the clever two-in-one puzzle design, this toy will bring much joy to a child over several years. Once they have become confident with the simpler version, they can then move onto the second way of doing the puzzle. Then as pre-schooler and in their first years at school they will enjoy understanding more about the lifecycle of a frog. 

I can see this puzzle being used as a prompt for extension activities:

  • perhaps an outing to a nearby pond to find frog spawn or visiting at the time of year when the tadpoles emerge, or to see the tiny frogs leaving the pond. 
  • a craft activity to make your own craft version of the frog lifecycle using bubble wrap as frogspawn (with a black marker pen to put dots on it). 
  • a visit to the library to find out about other animal life cycles. 
Miss T loves this puzzle so much that she will get it out the box herself when she wants to play and has learnt the word 'frog' which she says when she wants to play with this toy (which is everyday!)

Disclosure: We won this product from The Toadstool and have chosen to write this review about it. All opinions are our own. 


  1. Neat little toy. I love it when you see them figure out the toy / puzzle :D

  2. I know. It's been lovely watching her enjoy playing with that puzzle day after day getting better and better at putting it together. x


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