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Book Review: The Grunts All at Sea by Philip Ardagh

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I know, I know, before anyone says 'you've already reviewed that book', J did do a book review for The Grunts All at Sea back in November as he is such a speedy reader that he zoomed through the copy we borrowed from the library.

The folks at Nosy Crow very kindly sent us our own copy so now I've had time to read it (as I'm not such a quick reader as J), and so I thought I'd do a review of my own.

You can see 9 year old  J's review here. And below is a review by mum, aged a lot older than 9!

Having read The Grunts in Trouble, I was looking forward to see just what Mr and Mrs Grunt got up to next. In this adventure they have to deliver a P.O.G.I. ('Person Of Great Importance' before you ask) to someone on an island. So of course, this involves Mr and Mrs Grunt, along with their stolen son Sunny, his pink friend Mimi, Fingers the Elephant, Clip and Clop the donkeys, AND their caravan, all making a sea voyage to that island.

Whilst this book very much stands alone as a fabulous read in its own right, I loved the little references to The Grunts in Trouble along with a few mentions of some of the characters that we met in that book.

Without giving too much away, I'm pleased to say that things do become clear in the (very clever) ending.

We enjoyed the twists and turns of this book on the Grunts journey and never quite being sure who the goodies and baddies were added to the fun.

A really enjoyable read for kids (and big kids too!)

The Grunts All at Sea is available from Nosy Crow.  You can find Nosy Crow on facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: As Nosy Crow Crew bloggers we were sent a copy of The Grunts All at Sea for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own. 

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