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Ruby Redfort: Catch your death by Lauren Child. Book review!

Ever since the boys were little and we read the Charlie and Lola books together, I have loved the author Lauren Child. Even now, I cant resist picking up a Charlie and Lola book whenever we see one and read it out loud to whoever cares to listen. As J grew older and got into the Clarice Bean books, so did I. As I enjoyed the stories so much I wouldn't let him read them without me!

And then there was Ruby! Big, long, weighty chapter books spanning over 60 chapters! Ruby Redfort first appeared as a fictional character in the Clarice Bean books and Lauren Child has taken that Ruby character and given her her very own lease of life in a series of books about her. We weren't quite sure what to expect when we read the first Ruby book, 'Look into my eyes' but Lauren Child had pulled it off, and pulled it off so well that we could not wait for the next Ruby Redfort book. 

We started reading 'Take your last breath' but then we spotted another one at the library called 'Catch your death'. Well 'Take your last breath' was put on hold (as it was our own copy we knew we'd have longer to read it) so we read the one from the library first and what a read it was! 

So hard to write a book review without any spoilers but this book is too good not to review! So here's what we thought of the latest in the Ruby Redfort series: Catch your death.

Unlikely secret agent, 13 year old Ruby, is doing her survival training to become a field agent for Spectrum. Whilst no-one would doubt her talent when it comes to code breaking, out in the wild things are looking a whole lot tougher for Ruby.

At around the halfway point of the book, the big mystery of the robberies is solved but that is far from the end of the adventure. Ruby and her best friend Clancy Crew end up truly having to fight for survival in an exciting, action packed ending (which even proved to be a real tear jerker at one point!) 

We enjoyed getting to know Clancy's little sister Olive better in this story too, as well as meeting several other interesting characters. The book doesn't tie up all the loose ends leaving us wanting a whole lot more in hopefully many more Ruby Redfort adventures! 
An absolute unputdownable book! A must read for all Ruby Redfort and Lauren child fans. 

Book read by J, aged 9 and reviewed by mum, aged a lot more than 9.

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