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We are joining in with This Mummy Loves' fabulous Draw with me linky where the kids get involved by drawing a picture on a particular theme each month. This months theme is 'Toys'.
Whilst my boys really love joining in with this linky, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we don't own any colourful crayons, pens or colouring pencils because each time we have joined in they seem to decide to draw in black and white - what they call their 'comic style' drawings.
I can absolutely confirm that we do own lots and lots of felt pens, crayons, colouring pencils, paints and even some oil pastels and the kids are free to use them, but I totally want to respect their ideas and creativity and allow them to leave their drawings in black and white. So here they are...
Seven year old D has drawn a Pokémon character (I forgot to ask him which it was before he went to bed this evening so I'm left guessing that it is Reshiram. My pokemon knowledge is far from extensive so feel free to correct me if this is totally incorrect!)

Whilst 9 year old J just couldn't decide which toy to draw so he has included quite a few of his favourites: Micro moshis, a LEGO person, a minion, Trash pack toys and Eugene the moshling pear.

We thought this was a great theme and we look forward to next months theme too!

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  1. Brilliant drawings again boys! You're better than me with the Pokemon names, I think the only one I would be able to identify is Pikachu ;)

    Thanks so much for taking part again xx

    1. the boys loved joining in! I reckon T will soon be old enough to join in too! xxx


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