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19 months old today!

Today, T turned 19 months old. Here's the monthly update of how she's getting on.

Oppy and Pah (Hoppy and Patch) now have a new collective name. 'Patch' can be said clearly now complete with the 'tch' sound at the end but both Hoppy and Patch seem to now be called Patch. When T wants them both she will call out for Patch. Patch seems to be the name for each of them, and for the two cuddly toys together too! All three of them are inseperable (T, hoppy and Patch) going everywhere together. I am so glad that we did invest in spares from Safedreams as it does make it easier for when they need a wash.

Talking of having a wash, she seems to have mastered the word 'bath' wheareas previously it was 'pla' 'pla' (splash splash) for both swimming and bathtime.

In the past month she has also learnt how to blow kisses and says 'no no no' when she doesn't want something and shakes her head at the same time. She has learnt the word spoon and car.

On fireworks night we took her out to see the fireworks. Our usual tradition seems to involve sitting in the car up a hill to get a good view of the fireworks but without the busyness and noise that J can struggle with. She enjoyed watching them and learnt to say 'boom'.

When we asked her if she liked the noisy fireworks or the pretty fireworks she would say 'boom' for noisy and 'babish' for pretty. Whenever we say the word pretty (even if it is to comment on something totally unrelated to fireworks) she says 'boom' and 'babish'. Here she is saying pretty / babish!

She has also learnt how to turn the keyboard on herself and play music which she regularly likes to do.

She was also dedicated yesterday and seemed to enjoy her special day.

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