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R2BC - A week to be thankful

This week we have a lot to be thankful for. Last week we had various hospital appointments pretty much each day of the week. Thankfully all went well. T was being seen for a squint in her eye (which although they are going to see her again in 6 months, wasn't anything obvious to be concerned about).

She also saw another doctor for what we thought may be a hip problem after reading a guest post on A Mummy too about hip dysplasia. Again thankfully it was not of big concern although the doctor spotted that she does have a turned in ankle which should resolve by the age of 5. At least we finally had peace of mind by getting it checked.

J continues with a calm streak this week after a very unsettled September and October. We even made a little sensory den / calming zone for him today to help him on the days that he needs to escape and find a quiet corner.

It is actually in a cupboard we had built when we had the house extension but it is big for a cupboard and J loves it with his giant bean bag in there and we've moved our Cable and Cotton lights in there to provide some lighting for him. I am yet to find a new home for the vacuum cleaner, wellies, ironing board and all the other stuff that usually lives in that cupboard but J's needs have to be the priority!

We had first formal parent consultations for D at school since he returned to school after a long period of home-school. We were really pleased already with how well he seems to have settled in but we were so pleased to also hear that he is doing well academically. We have always found it hard to gauge academic progress for home-schooling and have no support from our local education authority so are just left to guess and manage on our own. As you can imagine it was a big relief to hear that D achieved the highest Reading level that they measure (equivalent to age 11 even though he is only 7) and also scores above average with spelling. With everything else he was in-keeping or slightly above average so it just gave me the reassurance I needed to know that he had done well during his time being home-schooled. Given that he also got to do a whole host of other stuff too whilst at home as well as keep up academically, that's not bad going really, eh?

Finally, we had T's dedication on Sunday. I wrote a separate blog post about her special day here.

So over to you, what are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

Linking up with Mummy from the Hearts R2BC which is being hosted by Lakes Single Mum this week (Hoping to stop by some other R2BC-ers over the weekend - but bedtime for me now for this evening).
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  1. so glad he is settling in OK, I must sort out our glory hole as vacuum etc not in it and not as its a cosy den ;-) you have such lovely reasons, thanks for joining in

  2. What great news that D has settled well into school. I'll pop over to your dedication post now, I can't resist! Have a great weekend. Mich x

  3. The sensory den sounds great. I think my girls would like one of those!

    1. so far so good - He has been using it when he needs a bit of space. Hope the novelty doesn't wear off. xxx

  4. The excellent reading scores must have made you feel really proud after the home schooling! Something I have almost considered, but I think I would end up in the funny farm xx

    1. Yes Home-school has taken its toll on us in many ways (but then again so did J's schooling). It is certainly a decision we haven't regretted overall though as it was right for both my boys for a season - but of course we are thrilled that D is doing so well being back in a school now. It seems to suit him and he's made new friends and fitted in well. If only there was a school that would be able to do the same for J's needs xxx


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