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Oldies but Goodies: Chocolate is STILL a herb!


As 3 Children and IT's Oldies but Goodies linky celebrates a whole year, Suzanne has chosen the first theme of FUNNY for this month.
I have dug out the very first Wot So Funee post we ever wrote to link up, dated from 4th December 2012:
Anyway, what I wanted to share was something Daniel said on his 'big day' of Cheffing last week.

The head chef came over and chatted with him about what he was cooking and he asked Daniel what his favourite herb was. Daniel thought for a moment and then replied..."Chocolate".

Thankfully head chef, who was brilliant, saw the funny side and said that his favourite herb was chocolate too!


Even now we laugh about this (particularly because D is actually really good with knowing his herbs and loves using herbs in his cooking) but he still insists that chocolate does count as a herb!


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