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LEGO Memories with The LEGO Movie

Tots100 is offering bloggers a chance to win tickets to be one of the first to see The LEGO Movie out in February 2014, by sharing some of their favourite LEGO memories in a blog post.
Well we quite literally have dozens and dozens of memories to choose from as LEGO has always been a big part in our lives. Not just since we had children but in our own childhood too. Mummy remembers the time there were Christmas day tears shed over the crucial piece of LEGO that got lost down the bath plughole from her brothers new LEGO set. Plughole! I know! I can't remember exactly how but there may have been a little sibling jealousy involved. Sorry bro!
Daddy remembers similarly sad Christmas LEGO circumstances when his dog chewed up a piece from his brand new LEGO castle set.
As well as having lots and lots of their own LEGO, including the fabulous LEGO Chima Speedors, our children also acquired a huge pile of daddy's LEGO too.
It did need a good wash as it had been in storage in Granny and Grandad's loft - but that's the great thing about LEGO it can be washed and cleaned and kept forever!  
Just part of our growing LEGO collection
One of our first blogging memories is about LEGO too - it was our review of LEGO Minotauraus that earnt us a spot as a Toys R Us Toyologist when we first started blogging last year.
LEGO games like Minotaurus and LEGO Robots provide hours of fun
We also love that LEGO can be used to build pretty much anything! J wanted to build a bumble bee and voila:

We've even used LEGO in our creative competition entries in the past - although we didn't win, we got a mention in their runner up gallery so that was cool!
As Center Parcs bloggers, we used LEGO to create boats! That was fun. You can read all about it here.
We have also enjoyed visits to LEGOLAND and made lots of happy memories there. Here's our blog post about our most recent visit this year and here is D's blog post about the Bricks family restaurant at LEGOLAND hotel.
So as you can see, lots and lots and lots of lovely LEGO memories. We are really looking forward to making new ones too by watching The LEGO Movie together when it is released.
In the meantime, here's the trailer to whet your appetite.

This is our entry into the Tots 100 'The LEGO Movie' Competition. See here for more information.

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