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Design your dream car with Carcraft

You may remember back in the Summer that Carcraft got kids to get creative and come up with their dream car and 7 year old D put together quite a creation in the garden.

Well now it's the grown-ups' turn. We put our thinking caps on and started to come up with ideas about what our dream car would be like. We thought of having giant suspension to raise the car up to be able to park over other cars, or perhaps one that can turn invisible, or how about a blue TARDIS style car to travel in time and space.

But then we thought about D again. As well as getting crafty and creative he also loves his food. In his drama class this term, he is actually a gingerbread man and sings about a gingerbread house where the doors are made of chocolate chip and the windows made of pick n' mix. So that got us thinking...

How about an edible car. A full sized car made from cake, chocolates and sweets!

Now we couldn't make a full sized one, but to give you a flavour, here's one we made for Grandad's 60th birthday to replicate his white classic car.

This is our entry into #DreamCarDesign

This is our entry into Carcrafts #DreamCarDesign competition. For more information on the competition at Carcraft see here.

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