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Chips Please!

We made a recent discovery the other day after visiting a McD's drive thru and mummy having to distribute chips in the car to the kids. J and D kept calling out 'chip please' when they needed another chip and Miss T started to copy.

Since then whenever there are chips in sight, she starts to say 'chip please', except her version doesn't exactly sound like chip please:

So what do you think? Does it sound like Fat B*tch to you too? Thankfully her brothers hear it as 'fat face' which is somewhat better.

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  1. Oh dear, I'm sure it will become clearer soon :) #wotsofunee

  2. Haha this week Joss said p*sser pees, *pizza please* I think :/

    1. it is funny what they say and yet we have to be careful not to laugh too much in case they figure out that it sounds rude! xxx


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