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A day of play at Moshi HQ

Our three little monsters visit Moshi Monsters.
We were sooooo very excited to be attending a Moshi Monsters blogger event at Moshi HQ, not least because we had not yet had the chance to visit their new offices in London since they moved out of their Shoreditch offices. We had heard all about the slide to get from one floor to another and were desperate to try it out.

Miss T wore her Poppet frock as, after all, she is our very own little Poppet:
From this: March 2012
To this: November 2013

The very first thing that caught our eye was the wall of Moshlings that you see when you step out of the lift. I honestly think that my boys would happily have spent the whole day just looking at these Moshlings - spotting the ones they already have, the ones they want and the ultra rare ones and gold ones and so on.

But thankfully enticement of the slide was enough to get them away from that wall...
The kids made themselves comfy on the Glump beanbags and watched the trailer for the Moshi film that is coming out in December.
We also enjoyed cake. These amazing Moshling cakes proved irresistible and my diet just flew out the window.

With all the excitement of seeing the new offices (Moshi offices are truly like no other offices with their dream room meeting rooms and tree house and of course the slide), we almost forgot the main reason we were there - to look at some of the goodies that are available in the run up to Christmas. 
The Mind Candy Moshi HQ offices are like no other - complete with Tree House!
We were pleased to see J and D enjoying the new Katsuma Unleashed DS game (as I have a feeling one might be coming their way in time for Christmas). Other favourite items were the Moshipedia book, the 2014 Annual, and the Moshling Mall.

The Katsuma Unleashed DS game proved to be a big hit as we expected. (Katsuma Unleashed is available as a DS game RRP £19.99 and also as a 3DS game RRP £24.99)
Moshling Mall (RRP £49.99) is already on the wishlist!
Moshipedia is exactly as it says - an A-Z guide to all things Moshi! A must for all Moshi fans. (RRP £12.99)

J has had the Moshling Mall listed on his Christmas list but as mummy and daddy have already bought some of his Christmas presents we said no. Granny and Grandad have also bought some of his presents too so they said no. So he's now going to be counting on Santa to bring him one I guess.

And no Moshi event would be complete without Moshi tattoos... Miss T even got in on the act getting a Poppet tattoo to match her Poppet dress.

Moshi tattoos seem to be more widely available which is great news for my kids who just can't get enough of them!
Packs of 8 - RRP £1 - great stocking fillers!

And then it was time to go...but not before a bit more glumping around on the bean bags...
I wonder if Miss T got a feeling of Deja-Vu being around the Pirate Pong bean bag?

Miss T in her Pirate Pong hat aged 1 day old!
A big thank you to Moshi and their representatives for a great day out - thank you!!!

Disclosure: As Official Moshi Bloggers we were invited to this blogger event at Moshi HQ. The children were given a goody bag as a thank you for participating. No payment was received for this post and all opinions are our own. The RRP information was provided to us but as always please check current prices yourself at time of purchase!

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