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Duck Tape Colours crafts

When you hear the words duck tape, most people think of the colour grey. That strong silver/grey tape that comes in handy round the house for odd jobs and repairs. Getting its name from being waterproof like a duck (full story here), there is no question about just how essential it is to keep a roll of duck tape round the house. My podiatrist even swears by it as a way of getting rid of verrucas. 

But one thing we had never previously thought of was using duck tape for craft activities. Since launching a range of coloured and patterned tapes It has become a craft craze that has been sweeping the USA apparently and now duck tape have launched a range of 15 colours and designs in the UK too.

We were sent some to try out.
'Piggy Bank', 'Snow Flake', 'Penguin Invasion', 'Zig Zag Pink', 'Fire Engine', and 'Clover Green' 
I was inspired by the duck tape roses and so set to work on making a rose. For something that looks so impressive, it is actually really simple to make. 

The rose could also be attached to a clip or hair band to make a hair accessory
J really took a shine to the penguin patterned tape called 'Penguin Invasion'. He set to work decorating some kitchen roll and toilet roll tubes to make a spying gadget.
Whilst miss T discovered she could do some spying of her own without having to make anything at all!

The tape is strong and durable just like the classic duck tape we know and love and can be cut or torn as needed. J found it easier to cut and cutting does give cleaner edges too, but for a craft project like the rose, torn edges are fine.
He also enjoyed covering some cardboard boxes to make them into small storage boxes. Whilst we set Miss T to work on making a napkin ring. I covered a small ring of cardboard loo roll in the 'Green Clover' duck tape and cut some little squares of 'Piggy Bank' pink for her to stick on. 
No mess, no glue, just great fun for little hands to get creative.
In the run up to Christmas I can see these new duck tape colours becoming a must-have product for crafters everywhere. The 'Snow Flake' white would be handy for all sorts of snowy / snowman christmas crafts, whilst the 'Fire Engine' red and 'Green Clover' go well together for Christmas wreaths and things like this simple holly we made. We thought it would look good as a place setting. You could simply write the name of each person with a marker pen across the holly leaf. 

The fab colours could also be used to make little Christmas gifts like key rings and photo frames. There are many more ideas over on www.ducktapecolours.co.uk but I hope we have given you a few little ideas to get started. 

When D got home from school, he was so impressed with what could be achieved with the Duck Tape that he got stuck in straight away too.
We found the duck tape to be very forgiving. On a couple of occasions it got a bit stuck to itself but we were able to carefully unpick it and use that piece to avoid wastage. In fact there was remarkably little wastage by the time we finished. And if you do have any little pieces left over, they might just come in handy for those pesky verrucas. 
Duck tape have kindly offered a prize for a giveaway for The Beesley Buzz blog readers so look out for that coming soon!

You can find out more information on duck tape colours and lots more inspiring ideas here and you can like duck tape colours on facebook or follow @UKDuckman on twitter too.

Disclosure: we were sent 6 rolls of duck tape for the purposes of this review. We have not received payment for this post and all opinions are our own. 


  1. oooo we almost ran out of our colourful bug tape and so far have been able to restock, but not anymore...! will have a look!

    1. I did think of you when I saw the cute Penguin tape - it has been so popular with my boys and is so strong it should be good for your big parcels you send out! xxx

  2. This is a great example of when bloggers doing reviews really works - it's not something I would have thought of buying at all, even if I had seen it, but now you've given some great examples of what to do with it I'm going to go out and actively hunt some down! Yay to Duck Tape!

    1. Thanks Steph. I'm always buying things I spot as reviews on other blogs too! The Duck Tape colours should be available on Amazon if you need to get hold of any. xxx


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