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Home-schooling - A few of your best bits!

This is our little present to D. A blog post and video to celebrate nearly 3 years of home-schooling:

Dear D,

We are so proud of you.
So proud of everything about you.
You are kind, considerate and compassionate.
You have a flair for your drama, a real skill in karate, and you are The Brilliant Chef.
Whatever you choose to do, we will support you.
We will love you.
And we will be there for you.
For the past few years, you have been home educated. And you have thrived!
You have learnt so much and done so well.
You have had some great experiences and amazing adventures.
Here are some of your best bits...

Now you have made the decision yourself to try out school. Enjoy this new chapter in your life and know that we are right there with you every step of the way. God bless you.

With all our love, Mum, Dad, J and T xxx


  1. Wow and very good luck to D! What a mature decision to make. Hope you're not biting your nails too much at the return! Don't forget to share any worries x

    1. thanks Steph. I have a feeling that these mixed emotions I am feeling about it will end up coming out in future blog posts. first day tomorrow for him! x

  2. If he finds a chum as good as I found in his Grand-dad, he'll be fine!!

    1. thanks John, what a lovely thing to say. I love how long your friendship has lasted xxx

  3. I wish him all the best too. What a brave boy. Well done for responding to his wishes and letting him go. I hope he thrives at school :) x

    1. thanks so much Suzanne. We are all adjusting to him being at school but so far so good! x


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