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A few of our favourite recipes over at The Brilliant Chef...

Just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of new recipes over on seven year old D's 'The Brilliant Chef" blog at the moment. One of the things we love about D's interest in cookery is that he is not just into baking cakes and cookies as many little ones enjoy so much but he is just as happy in the kitchen making dinnertime dishes or inventing his own variations of recipes.

He joins in with all kitchen jobs including chopping veg, washing up, stirring over the hob, and using a mixer and blender (all done with supervision of course as he is only 7) and he has such a keenness for trying new flavours in the form of new herbs and spices no matter how strong or unusual the flavour.

Anyway, here are a few of my fave recipes that can be found on his blog...

If you have never made flatbreads before, they are SO simple to make and you can find a really easy flatbread recipe here.

Some Thai inspired turkey burgers by The Brilliant Chef complete with interesting use of a nuby snack catcher!

and one I made up that turned out quite well:
Turkey Tikka Parcels

and a few of his older recipes that definitely deserve a shout out:

Mini meatballs and seasonal vegetable cous-cous because it is so simple to make and a nice summery recipe too!


New York Cheesecake because I would never be brave enough to attempt this one and yet D just got on with it and it turned out SUPER!

(Even though there is a little funny out-take to go with the cheesecake recipe!)

Keep cooking Brilliant Chef and keep inspiring us to get in the kitchen too. x

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