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Center Parcs August Challenge

Moshlings in LEGO boats sail away on the good ship Center Parcs
Last month we found out that we had been fortunate enough to be picked as the latest Center Parcs family bloggers following our entries for the Center Parcs family challenges over recent months.

This month Tots100 and Center Parcs are offering one more chance for another blogger to join the Center Parcs Family Blogger Club by taking part in the August sail away challenge.

Before you start panicking there doesn't have to be any sailing involved! As we discovered today there is great fun to be had and lots of learning from just using a few simple resources and a bowl of water to build and test your sailing boats.

In the past, the children have made boats from paper, carboard, margarine tubs, twigs, and so on but today they used two of their favourite things...LEGO and Moshlings. Here's what they did...


The kitchen sink doubled up as test zone. The first boat went in. No passengers of course - had to check it floats. 

D builds a slightly more ambitiously-sized boat. Yep - still floats!

Then J turns up with his LEGO equivalent to an all singing all dancing cruise liner...

Thankfully it still floats. So into the great outdoors (aka the garden) to take some passengers on board for a ride...

 The good ship Center Parcs with some moshlings on board...
Then J launches the cruise liner filled to the brim with moshling passengers...

Lucky Hansel moshling got a little bath-tub sized boat of his own...

You can find out more about the Tots100 Center Parcs August challenge here. Have fun sailing away!


  1. Yay! Big congrats! well deserved, am glad you won a place. So wish we could join you. Must get the girls busy with the boat building :~)

    1. thanks Steph! Look forward to seeing your boat. xxx

  2. Congratulations! Thanks for popping by - would love you to take part in the home ed carnival.


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